“Nun-Da-Ga-O” Shelf


“Nun-Da-Ga-O” measures roughly 30.25″ x 7.75″ x 8.75″. Pre-drilled holes with 20” spacing allow for increased ease when mounting on a wall. Like all of our shelves, “Nun-Da-Ga-O” is completely unique. Like a hike along its namesake, this shelf offers a little bit of everything but in a balanced way.

Sold! Custom Orders Available


Named for a ridge near Keene in the Adirondacks, the “Nun-Da-Ga-O” shelf is made from locally-sourced pine boards with unique hardwood braces and hangers. We cut all of our branches while sustainably harvesting firewood during the summer months. The branches are soaked, hand peeled, and then selected for each specific shelf.

If you are looking for a similar shelf in a different size then contact us to custom order a shelf to match your dimensions.


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