100 ml of Syrup in Glass Maple Leaf


Try some in your coffee or tea; it tastes great over vanilla ice cream and is a flavorful, natural sugar substitute in many recipes.

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We do everything in our power to ensure that you enjoy the very best in maple syrup.

Adirondack Made¬†production methods strictly follow principles which exceed those required for organic certification. All pure maple syrup is great. We’ve simply committed to the labor that makes ours uniquely better.

Hand Carry: We collect all of our sap from individual trees – by hand – so that sap does not move through flexible plastic collection lines as is the case with large scale producers.

Smart Collection: The one use of plastic in our process is to collect and transfer in polyethylene transfer tanks and gallon milk jugs. This is a form of BPA-free plastic that is so bio-stable it is used in joint replacement.

Earth Friendly: We’re using only upcycled milk jugs for collection, a (carbon neutral) wood fired boiler (not oil like many large producers), and gravity as much as possible!

High Quality Sap: Unlike plastic line and galvanized bucket collection systems, we can see what kind of sap each tree is producing. When a the tree produces darker low quality sap, (as many do from time to time for various reasons during the season) we do not use it.

Glass and Stainless Steel: We bottle only in glass so you can see what you’re getting. In our method, hot liquids are never stored or bottled in plastic; only glass and stainless steel.