Syrup Taste Test

We are one of the last commercial producers in the world gathering sap only by hand and using wood fired boiling, both of which bring an unique taste to our syrup.

Scientists at Sensory Spectrum conducted a comparative taste analysis. The Quebec product is bottled in plastic and Vermont syrup is bottled in glass. Both producers use pipeline collection, reverse osmosis, pipeline suction and oil fired boilers. We do not use pipeline, reverse osmosis, suction or oil. We hand carry and only bottle in glass. From their report:

“Compared to Maple Gold and Kings, the Eckert Maple [Adirondack Made] has the most Maple Hit (with the associated resinous/natural wood sap nuances). This syrup has nuanced vanilla and smoky notes not found in the other syrups as well. This syrup had the lowest mouth burn (often present in high sweet foodstuffs).

Maple Gold Syrup has more caramelized notes and less resinous wood notes. The caramelized note is softer and a common North American flavor note (found in many North American foods).

The Kings Maple Syrup had low intensity off notes of solvent and cardboard/paper. This syrup also had dark caramelized notes-bordering on burnt with the highest degree of burn. The cardboard and dark caramelized notes lingered in the finish/aftertaste.”