Our friend, Brian, passed along this recipe to us.  We’re glad to share the drink and some of its history with you.

“I first sampled this concoction in Maine with my dear friend and his father.  His father told of his father, also an engineer, who after a long days work in the woolen mills in Worcester, Massachusetts settled down to enjoy this.

We seized this and took it with us to the north reaches of Maine.  Every Thursday night we’d have a cookout on the shores of Baker Lake, the headwaters of the St. John River.  We’d swim with moose, swat black flies, grill steaks and drink hardily.  After a couple of glasses, some readings from Robert Service flowed, along with, stories and laughter, curses in French, all around a blazing campfire.  No amount of bugs intruded into our world those evenings once we sampled this glorious elixir.”


4 parts rum

1 ½ part maple syrup

1 part lime juice

lots of crushed ice